Not necessarily the typical things I use this blog for.  Hope you enjoy some of the other things that I have enjoyed writing about or have found interesting.

My Kydeky post has been off-line for at least a couple of years.  I was receiving unwanted comments from a Louisville journalist who was doing a piece on the tragic event described in this post.  She wanted to discuss with me, but I didn't want to discuss with her.  If I begin receiving more comments I'll need to take it down again.  But that was awhile ago, so I'll give it another chance.
This post "America" includes the You Tube video of Bernie Sanders' first television ad.  It takes us all the way back to before the Iowa caucaus for the 2016 presidential campaign.  Now we are living in the bleak, grim days following the results of that election.  But in January 2016 the election was a much more hopeful time - albeit with anxiety attached.  P.S. This post should not be taken as an indication of my vote.  I like the political ad.  

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