Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day two: LeConte's Sparrow

Day two:  my first full day of vacation, I saw my life LeConte's Sparrow (Ammodramus leconteii) this morning on Teets Road in Chippewa County just where my friend, Tex Wells, told me I would find them. Completely charming sparrow and well worth it.
All of my photos are bad; arguably, this is the best of the bad.
I also had very nice looks at this singing Mourning Warbler (Oporornis philadelphia).  I heard Connecticut Warblers (Oporornis agilis) singing; never did see one.  
Lake Superior is stunningly beautiful, and so large it seems to be everywhere.  As I'm writing this from my evening stop in Duluth, Minnesota and considering where I have been today, Lake Superior is everywhere.
These beautiful lupines were growing along Highway 2 in Wisconsin.  Apparently, there is a Wisconsin effort to increase these as they, in addition to being roadside beauties, are also good for butterflies. 
Isn't this against the law?  I saw this unfortunate guy outside Maple, Wisconsin.  I did consider if it would be possible to release him.  How would I have got that red collar off?

Saw many good birds today, arguably the best of which were a Northern Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis), and a Red-shouldered Hawk (Buteo lineatus) was a surprise this far north.  Also saw my first of the season Alder Flycatchers (Empidonax alnorum).

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