Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Broadwing migration in southeast Michigan

I'm very behind on posting the Broadwing Hawk migration in southeast Michigan.  Most of it happened the week before last - with Sunday, September 19th being not too bad.  

On Saturday, the 18th, broadwing migration over the Lake Erie hawkwatch was slow.  On Sunday, the 19th, things turned around.  I led a field trip to Lefurge Woods Nature Preserve on Sunday morning.  It was gray and overcast for most of the morning.  Then around 10:00 am some sun peaked out of the clouds and one of the field trip participants, 13 year old Sarah T., picked out a billowing kettle of hawks rising to catch a thermal in the southern sky.  It was spectacular and this wasn't even the hawkwatch.  Later we saw a couple more kettles and a few broadwings soared just over our heads.  

I liked the color and light of the sky.

Broadwing Hawk overhead

And another

The rest of the field trip was not too bad either.  A few warblers here and there, lots of Lincoln's Sparrows and a flyover Piliated Woodpecker, the first I have seen at Lefurge, were the other highlights.  Overall, a very birdy morning.

The photo in my blog title box is the view across from the Detroit River hawkwatch.  This will remain until a new photo takes its place, so here it is below for keepers.

View of Lake Erie inlet across from the
Detroit River hawkwatch. 

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Anonymous said...

Nice field trip report. Lefurge Preserve is one of my favorite place to bird. So many different habitats! I had some Henslows there in June.

I need to look for pilaeted WP in that area. That would be great news to see those back in superior township!