Monday, November 1, 2010

Crosswinds Marsh

I actually managed to go somewhere new this Sunday morning - westbound this time and just slightly further away than Belle Isle.

Generally a quiet walk but there were a few birds around, including eight species of sparrows if I include the single junco making its smacking sound.  Many of my first of season American Tree Sparrows were found at a variety of locations.  A single Fox Sparrow was also seen.

A little out of season, an Eastern Bluebird
checks out one of the nest boxes.

Then perches nicely on top.

These Swamp Sparrows appear to be in a mirror.

Swamp Sparrow

Ubiquitious this morning, this was the best photo I could
get of an American Tree Sparrow.

Thanks to an upcoming family event I have the opportunity to explore further afield next weekend.  Hopefully, I'll have time to get some birding in.

When I checked the blog Urban Dragon Hunters, (in my blog list at right), I found a reference to the blog Michigan Odonotes, which offers a nice description of Crosswinds Marsh.  My title box photo shows one of Crosswinds' many views from one of the boardwalks. 

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