Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bird Song Bible

Really?  A bible?

Well, yes, apparently!  NPR reported on Cornell's new publication on bird song, a ten pound tome with hundreds of bird songs, on their 12/22/2010 Morning Edition broadcast.  You can listen to the Bird Song Bible segment here.  You can also read the segment, but since bird song is involved it's best to listen.

Incidentally, the book's full title is Bird Song Bible: The Complete, Illustrated Reference for North American Birds and is edited by Lee Beletsky.  I peeked at the book on Amazon.  The illustrations are also inviting.  If you still have Christmas shopping to do ...


Colleen said...

Cool!!! I saw the Audobon Bird book that sold for $5 million. The illustrations were amazing.

Kenneth Rougeau said...

Hi Cathy,

Thanks so much for including my artwork in your blog post. I really appreciate it & am so happy that it caught your eye.

Have a fantastic day,
- Ken Rougeau