Sunday, February 13, 2011

Птиците в България

Around this same time my Birding journal had arrived in the mail.  I spotted an advertisement titled Birding Bulgaria in bold red letters advertising a fundraising trip to aid conservation projects in Bulgaria and sponsored by the Friends of Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds.  Right dates, right price.  The next day I contacted the trip leader, Yoav Chudnoff, and discussed the trip details with him.  I also recalled how, in June 2008, Karl Overman had led a Detroit Audubon trip to Bulgaria and had a great time.

Cut to the chase; I signed up.

Trip completed in June, 2011:  Bulgaria trip map

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troutbirder said...

Bulgaria! I'd never have thought. :) And give about anything to have seen a snowy owl and other winter visitors. Welive in the southern extremety of Minn. so don't often get to see boreal species.