Sunday, March 20, 2011

First day of spring

Finally, it's here.  All of my recent blog entries hankering for spring have been wishful thinking.  Today there is no turning back.  Everyone I know is ready to say goodbye to this past long winter.

I went to Crosswinds Marsh this morning to look for signs of spring and I found them complete with overhead airplane - common at this location - to compete with the frog chorus and, from somewhere, a passing train whistle .

Silly goose

For years there has been a domesticated Greylag Goose associating with Canada's in the vicinity of the main pond near the parking lot.  I don't go to Crosswinds as frequently as I once did and I have not seen the greylag in recent visits, but certainly this poor bird is a member of its progeny.  I found another recent photo of Greylag x Canada by Don Appleton of England taken in February, 2011 at a location in Norfolk, England where Greylag Geese and Canada Geese are common residents.  Don Appleton photographs and comments on hybrid bird species as he did recently with a goose located on Belle Isle March 8, 2011 and photographed by Alan Ryff.  You can also see other hybrid photos and discussion on  this same link.

Mink on the boardwalk

Mink pausing when it sees me

Mink departing

Singing Red-wing Blackbird

Spring Robin

American Wigeon and submerged Mute Swan

New Bald Eagle nest - directly opposite the old nest.
Double click to enlarge and eagle is on the nest

It is true that, in Michigan, we'll still have a little more winter - but, it's all over but the shouting.

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Jerry Jourdan said...

Nice pic of the goose, Cathy! I spent a half-hour digiscoping (what I thought was) a GWFG that turned out to be a Graylag...