Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Central Park, the Ramble

A hematology conference took me to NYC this past weekend.  The conference was held in a Times Square hotel and this turned out to be a short walk to Central Park.  I skipped out of the multiple myeloma lectures and made my way to the famous "Ramble" to see what it was like and to see some fall migrants.  It took me awhile to find it - Central Park is gigantic - but, then I did.

I knew I had finally found "The Ramble"

Red-eared Slider

Park bench

One of the six or seven warbler species seen - Canada Warbler

Miriam, Janice, Bill, Anne
We birded together - all were well acquainted with
the park.
Later Janice and Bill showed me how to use the subway,

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Anonymous said...

We had lots of fun birding with you. Nice photos and commentary on your blog.

Thanks for the photo.
Good birding. Janis and Bill