Monday, October 3, 2011

Chipmunk control on Belle Isle

Yesterday, a relatively unbirdy Sunday morning, I got lucky [again] with a Cooper's Hawk flying in to perch, completely unobstructed, on a fallen log.  

The bird flew in so suddenly that I did not notice it was holding something in its talons.  

The unfortunate meal appeared to be more furry than feathery.  Then I saw the tail listless againt the brown of the tree bark - the shape and size of a chipmunk's tail.  There is no shortage of chipmunks at Belle Isle! 

While the bird was perched I didn't notice the meal.  When the Coop took off, the chipmunk was dangling from its talons.  In the photo above the bird is bending over for a nibble just before flying off.

Last year, about this same time, I came across a Cooper's Hawk perched in low shrubbery.  That bird was obstructed by leaves and shadows in my photos.  Cooper's Hawk is common on Belle Isle and it is uncommon not to see and hear one or two on any given visit.

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