Saturday, April 14, 2012

Eurasian Wigeon

This morning while attending a field trip sponsored by the Washtenaw Audubon Society and led by Harold Eyster in the Nichols Arboretum, we received a tip from Mike Sefton that a Eurasian Wigeon was found this morning at Kensingon Metropark.

Following lunch at the Village Cafe on Jackson and Maple roads in Ann Arbor, Rodolfo Palma and I drove to Kensington to find the bird.  

We arrived in time to meet up with Mike Mencoti who was already looking at the bird through his spotting scope.  Mike left and other birders began to arrive.  In the end we ended up spending about an hour or more looking at the bird and angling for the possibility of improved photos as the light conditions changed.  

The bird was distant, so obviously all of my photos are heavily cropped. 

As we were leaving and others arriving a motor boat went through and scattered the birds.  The bird remained out-of-sight until the wigeon was relocated in the same location around 4:30 pm.    

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