Saturday, May 3, 2014

Belle Isle on the last Sunday in April

A walk around Belle Isle last Sunday was generally quiet.  But, I met up with Karl Overman and after that a few good birds popped up

I generally find Hermit Thrushes to be quite photogenic.  By that I mean they will wait for me and my slow camera

As we were talking Karl pointed out this singing Brown Thrasher.  After Karl left, I chased it around for awhile.  Alas, with no luck.  Then I was distracted by the bird below.

This Peregrine Falcon proved very cooperative.  This and one other photo were keepers.  I think it's a juvenile male bird.  

Finally, I was surprised to see this little female Bufflehead all alone in the large fishing pond across from the yacht club.  I thought April 27th might be a little late for it.  

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