Sunday, March 22, 2015

Parque Nacional Tapanti

We have passed the first day of spring already and I am fast falling behind in my Costa Rica blogging.

So, here we are, January 29th with rain, rain, rain and more rain.  A couple of times it would seem to let up, but then the heavens opened up again and the pouring continued.  All day.  While a little rain did not stop us, it probably did affect what we saw.  This place was so large and seemed so nice, that it was so easy to imagine how great it would be without the rain.

White-nosed Coati (Nasua narica). 

Above and below, Prong-billed Barbet (Semnornis frantizii).

Again, I think this is a female White-bellied Mountain Gem.

Above and below, Scaly-throated Foliage-gleaner (Anabacerthia variegaticeps).

Above and below, female Collared Trogan (Trogan collaris).

Above and below, lunchtime photos of wet Montezuma Oropendola (Psarocolius montezuma).  For some reason, as big and spectacular as this bird is, it was difficult for me to get a decent photo.

Tapanti dog outside van.

The male Collared Trogan behind branches and in the driving rain.

A pretty common bird, the Common Chlorospingus (Chlorospingus flavopectus) was also hard to photograph.

Tiny roadside waterfall.

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Matt said...

Glad to see you back at the CR blogging. Love the 2nd Foliage-gleaner pic, it looks much more like the pic in the book than mine did.
The female hummingbird is likely a Purple-throated Mountain-gem, looks identical to the White-throateds in the highlands. Female White-bellied Mountain-gem (which at least some of the group also saw at Tapanti) is more the generic female hummingbird, and has a white belly.