Sunday, January 24, 2016

Birding Without Borders by Noah Strycker

After my last blog post I figured that I better get something about birding on here fast.  I read Noah's Birding Without Borders blog posts before going to sleep each night in 2015.  There were a few occasions when there were a number of days between posts and I felt disappointed.  Like going to bed without my snack.  Then I'd log in to find 2, 3 or 4 posts to catch up on and all was well again.  

I enjoyed Noah's big year blog sponsored by Audubon so much that I find I am now going through a little withdrawal.  There's a young Dutch birder trying to best Noah's big year record in 2016, but his  write-ups are not nearly so easily accessible.  We have National Audubon to thank for sponsoring Noah's reporting.    

Anyway for those who missed it, here's the delightful end-of-big-year video Noah made - selfie stick and all - where he captures just a few of what must have been innumerable memories.  Astonishing achievement and amazing life event.

If anyway knows the title of the song and group that accompanies the video - please post in comments.  I cannot find it in iTunes or on You Tube.  I'm wondering if it's by an Australian or New Zealand group.  I sometimes play the video just to play the song.


david boon said...

Its a band called Afterlife parade,and the song is called...Afterlife parade.They are from Nashville.Great song!

Cathy Carroll said...

Thank you so much David. It is a great song!