Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday birding

But first I started out the morning finding this event on the home page of my ISP.

You Tube video of a bird landing on Bernie Sander's podium in Portland, Oregon on Friday.  I can't quite tell what it is - some kind of finch perhaps?  The rally appears to be indoors.  Often birds are trapped in these cavernous places - think of house sparrows in the airport or in a Home Depot, etc.

We still have some cold and gray weather to look forward to, but not today.  A sunny, warm Easter at the end of March is unusual in Michigan.

By the looks of these photos one would think it was a very sparrowy morning, but it was actually very woodpeckery - just no woodpecker photos to show for it.

I finally did see my first eastern phoebe of the season.  I chose this photo from the several bad photos I took because it is one where the bird's feet can been seen.  I'm always struck by how dainty all phoebe species feet are.  In chasing after this bird I also experienced the perils of birding in the woods this time of year.  Mud.

The best of many bad photos of golden-crowned kinglet.  A hard bird for me to photograph under the best of circumstances, this photo shows how particularly difficult is was this morning.

Always a sign of spring.

Enjoy and happy Easter!   

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