Sunday, July 10, 2016

The monster

I definitely need a better title for this post.  But this common green darner (Anus junius), recognizable to most who pay attention to these things, is big.  For the past couple of weekends on my dragonfly photo sprees I have been seeing them, always patrolling, but not perching.  

Yesterday at U of M Dearborn this female did perch.  I estimate that she was 2-1/2 to three inches long.  It's easy to see what a spectacular creature this is.   

Above and below:  Ovipositing

I have been seeing the same dragonflies - mostly males - in all of the locations I've visited.  Need to find some more species and some more females.

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Jerry said...

Brilliant, Cathy! Congratulations. I'd seen several Green Darners and Eastern Pondhawks at the Moo last weekend
and was just overcome by how huge these beasties are. And, as you say, they never land or stay in one place long
enough to ever photograph. So, good for you!