Monday, December 12, 2016

4K burst

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a novice's review of the Lumix FZ300 using photos that I took while visiting Baltimore for Thanksgiving. This morning it's snowing and I still have to go out to do a few things - like shoveling - but not much use in that with the snow still falling.  So ... time to play with 4K burst?  Maybe. 

I started by watching this YouTube video by Marlene Hielema with my camera in hand.  In my camera, the photos I shot in 4K burst show up as described in the video.  But when downloaded to the computer the photos show up as a video.  I can make the 4K burst photo selection work in the camera, but have not figured out how to do it on the computer yet.

When I used the 4K burst option for the photos/video of the fox trotting along the road (above), the fox was close enough to me to be completely startled by the loud, rat-a-tat sound of the shutter going off. You can see in the video that the little guy was having none of it.  When your subject is an unaware animal or bird it would be best to use the silent start/stop, represented as S/S or the second option in the 4K selection.

0.04 second 4K burst shooting.  Noisy!

Still in 4K burst I shot the fox running away from me.  From the burst series I chose the selection below - all four feet off the ground.

0.04 second 4K burst shooting (that's 30 frames per second) from which the photo below was sele

For now, when I use the 4K burst or S/S selections, and if I know I only want a single photo, I will need to make the photo selection in my camera.  I should also to be able to do this on my computer, and that would be a lot easier for me, but I haven't yet figured out that process. 

However, when done in the camera, the video and other burst photo selections were deleted and only the single shot was downloaded on my computer.  That's not good if I want both the video and another frame from the burst.

I'm trying to figure out how this will work in the field on, say, a multi-day trip.  As Marlene Hielema says, this kind of shooting takes up a lot of space on our cards.  I don't typically take my computer on trips ... too much to carry ... so even more downloading and culling would be needed upon return.

Just looking at the little fox running across the field make me want to learn this.  Practice, practice, practice.      

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