Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Final afternoon of birding in Darién, but first lunch

Comidas in Panama were excellent - for every meal.  That's not to say it was some super special something that you might never have elsewhere.  

It was an excellent selection of well-prepared, diverse, good food with a Panamanian flair.  The main cook's name was Elsa and she and a small staff worked from a small kitchen just off the outdoor dining area.

Following our Lajas Blancas morning, this was the only comida where I took photos of our food.  

Arroz y frijoles are to be expected; esto era arroz y polla.

Above, in the middle, I think these are the best tortillas I will ever have.

Salada every meal.

Polla con clado con vegetales sopa.

The tortilla unwrapped and enjoyed.  I cannot describe how delicious this was.

Each comida was always accompanied by very nice jugo.  This jugo rojo was excellent.  Unfortunately, I can't recall the berry.

Lunch was interrupted by a House Wren singing in the rafter.

A nearby, crazy sounding Chestnut-headed Oropendola (select #15, Peter Boesman's 0.49 sec recording from San Lorenzo, Panama) (Psarocolius wagleri) would also call attention to itself.  These were our lunchtime sounds.  

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