Saturday, February 10, 2018

Return from Ecuador

Unrestrained by snow, snow, snow and more snow, I returned from Eduador less than 24 hours ago.  Going through just under 2,000 photos now - still in the deleting phase - and will be making some posts soon.

Have some running around to do, but more soon.  In the meantime, Dorian Anderson has also recently completed a trip to Ecuador and is writing about it on his blog The Speckled Hatchback.  His  post #129 includes many of the places we visited in the Tandayapa valley, including maps, which I am terrible at trying to do.

For now some photos of a charming little bird we all know and love for which it will be unlikely to find a place for elsewhere.

The photos above and many others were taken at Puembo Birding Garden.  The Puembo Birding Garden has a big on-line presence which I recommend checking out.

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