Sunday, March 30, 2014

A goldfinch in my kitchen

Shortly after our most recent, and we hope last, snowfall of the 2014 season, we had a very windy day and night.  I had finished doing my dinner dishes and was taking some recycling out to my garage when I scarred a little bird that had taken cover on my back porch.  I didn't see where it was resting, but thought it might have hidden in a snowy pile of shoes.  It found another spot between the bricks of my house and a little dog statue in the corner of my porch.

It was freezing outside.  I watched some TV and then thought about going to bed.  I decided to see if the little bird was still where I had left it.  It was.  Not really knowing what I would do, I picked it up and bought it inside.  It seemed okay - sort of.  It found a spot on my windowsill, tucked its head in and, out of the wind and cold, seemed to rest.

I watched some more TV and went back to check on the bird.  Still resting.  Now it really was time to go to bed.  What was I going to do with this bird?  I couldn't leave it to roost on the windowsill all night.  I found a showbox and put a shallow dish of water inside with a little pile of black niger seed.  With some expected protest, I collected the little goldfinch and put it inside the box, turned out the light and went to bed. 

The next morning I opened the shoebox lid and the bird was looking up at me.  I picked it up and carried it to the back door.  I opened my hand and the bird flew away low.

I hope it was only cold and worn out by the wind of the previous day and will be okay.

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