Sunday, March 2, 2014

Carara National Park and Punta Leona: Final birds

For me, the approaching end of a good trip is always a sad time.  For us it would be back to work and snow and cold in another day.  But, it's still not over as far as my blog entries.  Still have one and a half days of birding left.

Carara National Park was founded to help save the Scarlet Macaw.     

In the afternoon we went back to Carara NP but entered through a different entrance.  We walked on a boardwalk trail for a little while before we saw our first bird - an Ovenbird (Seirurus aurocapilla).  

Don pointed out this fantastic insect circling a post.  Alas, all of my photos are out of focus. I don't know what it is - bee or wasp? - but it is spectacular.

Gray-headed Tanager (Eucometis penicillata)

The following three photos were taken while observing birds as they came to a small stream trickle to bath and drink.  We saw several good birds here of which I was able to get photos of the following three.  The forest was dark and we lost light as the afternoon grew later.

Bicolored Antbird (Gymnopithys leucaspis)

Red-capped Manakin (Ceratopipra mentalis) - edited to improve as much as possible.

I was completely stunned when a Great Tinamou (Tinamus major) cautiously walked toward the stream and almost into the open.  Almost is the key word.  This is the first tinamou that I can ever recall seeing. Shortly after this we lost our light and called it a day.

Our final birding morning and another 6:00 am walk - Ruddy Ground-Dove (Columbina talpacoti).

A better photo of the Gray-headed Tanager.

The swimming pool at Punta Leona.

Walking down the ramp to breakfast at the restaurant I saw a large gray and red bird fly in that I didn't immediately recognize.  We saw this bird about 4 days earlier - female Slaty Trogan perched just beyond the swimming pool.

We were loading up the van for our final morning of destination birding when I saw others photographing a bird just adjacent to the van.  Above Streaked Flycatcher (Myiodynastes maculates).

Departing for our Tarcoles River boat trip.

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Jerry said...

I so thoroughly enjoyed reading about your trip, Cathy. The birds are stunning, and makes me itch to go on a birding vacation.