Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Baby robins ... oh my!

My yard is bursting with babies right now.  This morning I was drinking my coffee on my back patio and watched three baby squirrels playing in my huge silver maple tree where they were born.  They are little, but already sure-footed as they run up and down the course bark.

I also have two sibling robins actively begging for food this evening.  I've been hearing their somewhat harsh squawks for the past couple of days.  Baby robins grow quickly.  Even though they are both still very small they are already proficient fliers over a short distance.

As its sibling was being fed by the lilies of the valleys, this guy perched up and made it known that it wanted to eat too.

Dad was not happy about the lady with the camera chasing his kids around.

Hiding in the lilies of the valleys.

Meanwhile, very close to my house, I have a lush bush that I have been seeing a cardinal flying in and out of.  A couple of days ago I had a cursory look for a nest but was not looking high enough.  This evening I saw the nest with female cardinal incubating and the male has flown in and out a couple of times.

She's a little out-of-focus and very difficult to see, but in the center of this photo, even without enlarging, I can see the eye of the female sitting on her nest.  Baby cardinals shortly, I hope.

From the location of a cardinal nest in my viburnum dentatum last summer and now this nest it is impressive to me how well cardinals hide their nests.

Side note:  Google has fixed the link that transfers photos to blog entries.  Yay! 

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