Monday, February 27, 2017

The teak farm

This was a beautiful place.  Matt Hysell has some good photos and narrative on his Darién edition of Birding Berrien and Beyond titled teak farm birding - part 1 that I recommend.  Matt includes a photo of flyover Great Green Macaws that I was not fast enough to get on.  There are only about 4,500 remaining in the wild so this was a good bird to see and photograph.  He also got a very nice photo of Barred Puffbird - the only one we saw on the trip - in a spot where the lighting and other conditions were just too challenging for my camera and photographic skills.

As soon as we arrived here I knew it was going to be good.  The thing is, this is where I also confirmed that I would have trouble with my photographs for the remainder of the trip - i.e. my photos of birds, butterflies and dragonflies.

The landscape was beautiful.

Male Black-tailed Trogon (Trogon melanurus

We spent all morning on this long, sandy road.

Flyover Wood Stork (Mycteria americana)

Above and below:  More landscape.

Above:  Perched Fork-tailed Flycather (Tyrannus savana) - even though we saw more on this trip than we saw on all of our previous trips combined, I'm still looking for my first good photo-op.

Above:  I can't even be sure, but I think this is my Barred Puffbird (Nystalus radiatus) photo.  It was in the right spot amongst my photos for the morning.

The teak farm was also a great location for dragonflies and butterflies and I was easily distracted by these.  I'll include the decent photos I got of both in a later post.

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