Friday, February 3, 2017

ABA book review: Limericks, Landscapes and Lorikeets ...

For those who do not receive the ABA blog, the most recent offers this birding book review.

Limericks, Landscapes and Lorikeets - Lear, Rick Wright reviews:  The Natural History of Edward Lear by Robert McCracken Peck.

For the less literary of us who may not know the work of Edward Lear, the following was lifted directly from Rick Wright's well-written review:

"... in this elegantly written and handsomely illustrated new book, Robert McCracken Peck introduces us to Lear and his manifold talents, from the famous nonsense verse to the much less famous landscape paintings, and shows how the Victorian polymath’s contributions continue to influence art, literature, and even politics down to our own day."

Check out some of Edward Lear's charming limericks.

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