Sunday, April 2, 2017

New spring

Breaking from Panama for a moment.  A visit to friends who are creating a 10 acre native species preserve yesterday gave me an opportunity to really enjoy some beautiful sunny weather.   

Comma butterfly (Polygonia comma) landed on a broken maple tree that had sap running from the main break.  Also benefitting from the running sap were several species of flies.

An Eastern bluebird pair waited for their afternoon mealworm treat. It was also good to hear migrating fox sparrows singing around their property.

Female Eastern bluebird.

And, this morning in my own backyard, I came upon mating garter snakes - a sure sign of spring.

Below:  And finally, from my mother's yard, the ultimate sign of spring's arrival - bird on a nest.

This mourning dove was successful with two fledglings last year from a nest built in the same location.

04/20/17:   Addendum to the above photo speaks for itself.  Successful again this year with two babies.  The nest is a little soggy because it rained yesterday and heavily again today. 

04/23/17:  Addendum to the above.

Little buddies fledged!

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