Sunday, May 7, 2017

DAS Lake St. Clair Metropark field trip

Sixteen birders, including a six year old who turned out to be quite a game and good little birder for his age, showed up for the Detroit Audubon field trip this morning.  It was sunny and bright, but cold. When the wind blew it was more like a sunny November morning.

The park's very reliable Great Horned Owl mom had two fledglings. Only one fledgling shows in this photo; the other was on a branch directly over the mom.

A pair of wood ducks were doing their little mating dance.  Unfortunately, the video below is not as clear once I uploaded to You Tube.

A Sora was well seen and photographed by all.

A cold and sluggish northern water snake moved slowly over the marsh debris.

We saw two of the seven red fox kits along the lakeside.  Only one was photographable.  One of the participants knew the story that accompanied these fox kits that left me shaking my head.  

After the official end of the field trip, I found Brown Thrasher and Eastern Kingbird.  The brown thrasher photo is my best thrasher photo ever.  I always have trouble with kingbird photos because of the dark eye and head blending together.  From many photos of this bird; I chose the one below because the bird's eye shows up - barely.

For this upcoming birding season, I am going to try to be stricter with myself with deleting lousy photos.  I've made this pledge before but never seem to achieve it.  This year has to be different.

57 species were seen and of these the warbler species included Palm, Northern Waterthrush and Yellow-rumped.  That's it for this, so far, cold north winds and rainy May.  

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