Wednesday, November 1, 2017

November hummingbird and robins

My little hummingbird continues for its 5th day.  I took the day off today and saw him at the feeder on several occasions.  

It's cold and he should have been gone at least two weeks ago.

Meanwhile, my hummingbird had lots of company throughout the day.

Many robins visited my American hawthorne tree and began stripping it of its berries.  Most years I miss this event because I'm at work.  I leave for work with a tree full of berries and when I return home the berries are gone.  This year it happened on my day off.

They started from the top and are working their way down the tree.

Here only drinking, but the robins were also bathing in my pond as if it was a hot, sunny July day.

A photo through the glass of my back doors later in the day.  I am trying not to disturb when it's feeding.

Addendum:  On 11/02/17 left for work in the dark and returned home in the dark, however, still present on 11/03/17 and 11/04/17. 

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