Monday, May 27, 2013

An argument for keeping cats indoors!

While a friend was helping me - secondary to my gimpy knee - pull some weeds in my front yard, we came across a dead Swainson's Thrush (Catharus ustulatus) at the edge of my lawn.  To me, the injuries that are apparent on this bird make it very likely to have fallen victim to a cat.  

Now, having two of my own, I'm a cat lover - but they never leave the house.  The closest they get to the outdoors is a bench that aligns perfectly with my front window where they can sit and watch the world go by.  During warm spring and cooler summer weather, I open the window for them and they enjoy the sounds and smells of the outdoors.

Recently I have seen a dark-colored tabby roaming across my yard.  I was concerned about its presence because of the newly fledged robins (see earlier blog entry).  I found the migrant Swainson's on Friday, May 24th. 

After picking up the dead bird and laying it on my patio table for photos, I looked in the trees at the back of my yard to see a second [alive] thrush.  The photos are terrible but the second thrush is probably a Swainson's, although I can't be completely sure it's not a Gray-cheeked. Since May 24th is nearing the end of spring migration, the presence of the second bird made me wonder if they were migrating together, or if the cool weather had caused a mini fallout. 

Just another plea, along with the myriad of others that we are so well-acquainted with, to keep cats indoors.  It's better for the cats and it sure is better for the birds.

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