Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fighting Brown-headed Cowbirds

A real street brawl.  While looking for the fledged baby robins (see previous post), I was distracted by this squabble at the curbside on my street.  It all looked pretty dramatic to me.  Over the wind you can hear the birds' vocalizations.  The video starts out a little fuzzy, but quickly becomes clear.

Clearly one bird seemed to be dominating.  Good thing the school bus came by to break the whole thing up.

Incidentally, this is my 200th blog post since starting Into the Woods and Elsewhere on 09/30/2008.  I remember that back then I was inspired by other birding bloggers, especially Julie Craves and Jerry Jourdan.  I had no idea then the form my blog would take; I just knew that I wanted to try it.  Since then all Google bloggers have had to go through so many transitions Google has instituted to financialize their users. We all pay now (and it seems likely that this will also happen with YouTube users.)  Recently, it's been a challenge to add photos to my Picasa albums as, to me, Google has sacrificed functionality for competing with Facebook with their photo site.  I was just forced to update my YouTube channel for the same reasons.  

I still cannot quite describe my blog other than being a platform for my photos and narrative for field and travel experiences and memories.   In any event, overall I have enjoyed the blogging experience.  While I don't quite believe that birders actually read narrative blogs, I hope my blog visitors have also enjoyed it.

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