Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hotel Bougainvillea redux

Matt Hysell is much quicker off the draw with his Costa Rica blog entries than I am.  I recommend that you check out Matt's blog, Birding Berrien and Beyond, found in my blog list at right.  Again, Matt organized another great Costa Rica birding trip with eight participants (perfect number!) January 25th through February 1st, 2015. 

Our first night was, again, at the Hotel Bougainvillea, a great place to unwind from our flights and get our bins and cameras focused on birds in Costa Rica's crystal clear light.

This is a great hotel for both accommodation and birding and I highly recommend it.  This year seemed slightly less birdy, but it was clearly noticeable that the landscaping staff had both completed some projects and had done some pruning around the edges.     

Crimson-fronted Parakeet is a bird that is seen and heard flying over in flocks in locations around Costa Rica.  They are nearly guaranteed over the grounds at Hotel Bougainvillea.  A small group alighted up high in a tree beyond the garden walls.  I took a chance on this lookout bird perched out in the open.  Enlarged, the crimson is clearly visible.  

I had several good photos of this perched Rufous-tailed Hummingbird. I like the photo above because is shows so clearly how the bird got it's name.


The knowledge that I had excellent Blue-crowned Motmot photos from last year's trip took the heat off trying to photograph this bird perched deep into a bush.  Still, 100% of the time, it's such a great bird and I would have been disappointed if I had not seen it.  Same goes with Grayish Saltator.  I got a good photo last year but missed entirely this year.

I forget what these orange flowered trees are called, but I will find out. In any event, they are highly attractive to birds.

Beautiful orange flowers hanging from the back wall of the Hotel Bougainvillea property.  

Butterflies were around but not as much as last year.  Flowers were beautiful.  We stay only one night at this great place.  The most comfortable bed of the trip. 

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