Saturday, February 13, 2016

Spectacled Owls

When we were driving to Cara Iguana to look for the Tody Motmot, our guide Jose made some vague comment about also seeing some owls.  A few of our group had walked around the Radisson Summit hotel grounds one night and heard tropical screech owl, but as a group we did not do night birding.  So any owl would be nice.  I imagined a pygmy owl or ferruginous owl ... something like that.

A five minute walk from our Tody Motmot viewing spot Aniban led us to these owls.  We lined up along a small, slender trail and cautioned not to more closer.  The sight of what we were seeing took my breath away.  Of course, there are twigs and limbs in between, so challenged photos but who cares.      

Spectacled Owls (Pulsatrix perspicillata)

The Tody Motmot followed by two Spectacled Owls made for an over the top experience on the morning of 02/01/16.

Thank you Aniban.

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