Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Tinamou luck

Tinamous are such strange looking birds!  Again, typically deep dwelling forest birds that one can hear vocalizing (here from Xeno-cantu recorded by Peter Boesman on 02/21/15 along Pipeline Road)but birds that one does not expect to see.  I'm not even sure they are high-ranking birds for birders to see.  But I can now say with certainty that it's really exciting when one strolls into view.  

And this is exactly what happened for our Great Tinamou (Tinamus major) sighting.  Walking back up Pipeline Road, mid-to-late afternoon, Rhoda turned around (perhaps she felt she was being followed) and shouted out in complete surprise, "whoa, look at this!" We all turned around to see the tinamou more or less strolling at the edge of the trail.  After being seen, it turned and walked into the forest where we continued to pursue it.  I don't think it was alarmed.

The big, round bird paused at the edge of a small decline.  It was dark under the canopy and I thought again to video with improved results. Not exactly a streak-chested antpitta, but still pretty darn cool.

Curiously, and quirkly, about five or ten minutes later while we were still on the same trail, a Little Tinamou (Crypturellus soui) was seen walking at the trail edge.  Remarkably smaller, but otherwise essentially the same, I was unable to get a photo.  Tinamou luck!

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