Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Belle Isle birding 01/02/17

I didn't know red-headed woodpeckers were there.  And I didn't know that northern mockingbird was there.  I went to look for owls which I knew were there.  But, as everyone knows, even when you know there are owls, you mostly can't find them.

My photos of the two Red-headed Woodpeckers were mostly awful so I was glad I took this 29 second video.  There was one on each side of the trail and they were making their churring sound back and forth.  At first I didn't recognize the sound, then it came to me - woodpecker! - then one of the birds flew into view.  Beautiful as they are, I find them to also be quite comical.

Above and below:  Before finding the Northern Mockingbird, I took this Red-bellied Woodpecker and three other photos - alas, all are a little or a lot pixelated.

The light is a lot better for this Downy posing than for my January 1st photos.  In the foreground a red twig has blurred the slender trunk and makes the bird's tail appear red!

This Northern Cardinal was posing beautifully in the open.  It moved into this interesting pose just as I snapped the shutter - just a little too far away.

Lots of color on this House Finch.  

It's always thrilling to see a Northern Mockingbird.  Reminds me of my Baltimore days.  One used to perch on the utility wire over my backyard and run though a series of sounds from car horn to ring-billed gull to carolina wren to song sparrow.  This bird, however, was completely silent.

The mockingbird was feeding on these red berries, Amur honeysuckle (Lonicera maackii), of which there are a lot remaining near the red bridge.  The bird could stick around for awhile.

I feel sad that this photo is so pixelated.  I must have been just a little too far away or my lens out too far.  Love this pose!  

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