Sunday, June 25, 2017

American antpitta

I came across a fledged robin at the edges of a building in a parking lot I used yesterday morning.  It was accompanying its father and doing the usual begging.  It was a real youngster, still tail-less with that baby-rounded body fledglings have and its legs appeared disproportionately long.  It was a fast runner, but flight would still have challenged it.  Overall, it was not in great baby robin habitat but it looked robust.

As I watched it running along, it reminded me of an antipitta and made me laugh.  I only had my iPhone with me.  It's a terrible photo and you need to look closely to see the round-bellied, long-legged and tail-less antpitta.

Of course, you would never see an antpitta so out in the open as this - but, this is an American antpitta.

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