Thursday, June 29, 2017

Conservancy Farm

After leaving the Willow Metropark Henslow's sparrows, I drove to Conservancy Farm in Superior Township.  What a  beautifully managed grassland!  Although I did not see the Henslow's sparrows that are at the farm, I saw all of the other grassland species - starting with Savannah sparrow, Dickcissel, Bobolink and Eastern Meadowlark.  

Above:  I like this photo of the Savannah sparrow perched on the wooden birdhouse.  I think the puffy clouds add nice context.  The Savannah sparrow returned a couple of different times to perch in this spot.

Same for the Dickcissel.  The clouds may not be so dramatic, but this bird put on more of a show.

Such a great bird and one I don't get to see every year.  So, in years when I do see Dickcissels they become my favorite bird for that year.

No far from the bird house was a fence post from which the bird sang. The wind drowned out his sound too.

15 second video of the Dickcissel singing from a fence post, but mostly being drowned out by the wind.  I like that I caught the bird in flight.

Distant photos of Bobolink - the nearest I could get.

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