Saturday, June 3, 2017

Mud-collecting Cliff Swallows

Belle Isle is off limits this weekend when the Grand Prix car race takes place - the worst weekend of the year at our beautiful Belle Isle.  If only we could rally together to stop this event.  So, last Sunday was really the last day for me to see if any late arriving migrants could be found on the island.  The mosquitoes are now back in full swing and I am still scratching my bites from my brief visit.

But first the American Robin still on her nest.  I found her when at Belle Isle in the rain a week earlier.  Here she is, still incubating, and nest holding up well.  

Along an open patch of Lake Okonoka I saw Cliff Swallows circling over the lake and then, as a flock, flying into the shore and landing.  I walked over and found them collecting mud for their nest building.  I don't recall nesting cliff swallows at Belle Isle in previous years, but I'm sure I just overlooked them.  

Along the Red-headed Woodpecker trail I flushed two Green Herons and this one landed on an open branch where I could try for photos - of a sort.  Of course, the heron flushed to the opposite side of the swamp so it was, in photo terms, somewhat distant.

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